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2D Sublimation film

Sublimation 2D paper

2D Sublimation Paper allow to transfer the image that we want with high fidelity of colours and excellent quality.
Their features of thickness and flexibility, allow to adapt themselves with material for we can print between big diversity of products.
The 2D Sublimation paper provides fast transfers of large amounts of ink for optimal image quality and color vibrancy.
With the 2D sublimation paper you will can get the best results.

Main features 2D Sublimation paper:

  • 2D Sublimation paper with the best quality-price in the market
  • Rough surface allowing higher ink loads, making for high quality transfers and vivid colors
  • Optimal paper thickness for better elasticity and adaptation to cases
  • Supplied on a roll
  • Surface coated with glass for the brightest images
  • Transfer with high quality ink, quick drying and less stain

Types of 2D Sublimation paper:

  • Texprint Universal Sublimation Paper 110 sheets A4
  • Texprint universal Sublimation Paper 110 sheets A3
  • Sublimation paper Texprint 110 sheets A4 (Ricoh & Sawgrass)
  • Sublimation paper Texprint 110 sheets A3 (Ricoh & Sawgrass)
  • Paper for sublimation in rolls TexPrint
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