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Sublimation cushions

Sublimation cushions

The sublimation cushions Sublimet are specifically manufactured to be customized by sublimation, besides can be sublimated on both sides. The cushions feature a zipper for easy washing. There are three types of cushions in different fabrics, Polyester Microfiber (velvety appearance), Satin (shiny touch) and Stretch (touch matte fabric type)


  • Sublimation cushions: 35mm x 35mm
  • Sublimation cushions: 40mm x 40mm
  • Sublimation cushions: 45mm x 45mm
  • Sublimation cushions: 50mm x 50mm
  • sublimation cushions (heart): 45mm x 40mm


Specifications of sublimation cushions
Materials Polyester Microfiber, satin and stretch
Colour White
Print area 100%, one or both sides
Print technique Sublimation