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Sublimation mugs

Sublimation mugs 11oz

3D sublimation mugs 11oz are of high quality ceramic. These mugs are prepared so they can be customized by the sublimation technique. The material is very resistant to scratches, pads and dishwasher. It is suitable for use in the microwave.


Specifications for sublimation mugs in 3d
External diameter 81mm
height 95mm
Capacity 11oz = 325mm
Weight 340gr
Handle height 70mm
Print area 95 x 240 mm

Plastic mugs and glasses for 3D sublimation

The mugs and plastic glasses are made with high quality material, resistant to shocks and falls. They are prepared for use in customizing using the technique of 3D sublimation.


Features of the cups and plastic cups for sublimation
External diameter 81mm
Height: 95mm
Capacity 11oz = 325mm
Net weight 147gr
Handle height 70mm
Printable area 95 x 240 mm

Clamp to sublimate mugs in 3D

This Clamp silicone, high strength at high temperatures, is ready for use in customizing mugs using the technique of 3D sublimation.