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Oven for sublimation in 3D / SUB-miniS602

Oven for 3D sublimation / SUB-miniS602

The Mini Oven SUB-miniS602 sublimation machine is producing all kinds of products Sublimable. Thanks to its features, you’ll sublimate des housings for phones, cups, glasses, plates, mugs and a lot of products from our catalog.

Its small size will allow you to place it in places you had not raised and also it does not require any installation, you can take anywhere, you just need an outlet.

The SUB-miniS602 is easy to operate, thanks to an intuitive digital panel.

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SUB-miniS602 Specifications

Electrical features
Voltage 230V
Max current 12 Amps (220-240) 20 Amps (110-120)
Max power 1300 W
Temperature 280ºC
Physical features
Machine dimensions (A x F x Al) 280 x 320 x 340 mm
Oven dimensions (A x F x Al) 150 x 200 x 20 mm
Machine Weight 6 Kg
Colour Black