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Oven for sublimation in 3D / SUB-S603

Oven for 3D sublimation / SUB-S603

Sublimation oven SUB-S603 is a production machine custom housings, which allows sublimate cases at a time . This new model is perfect for establishments where you want to provide a service at the time . And it allows the sublimation of all types of models, except those that are special sizes, such as iPads or Tablets.

The heat produced in the furnace, flows evenly, thus ensuring that all parts of the interior are at the same temperature. Through this process, the image transfer to the carcasses is performed optimally.

The SUB-S603 is an ideal introduction to the world of sublimation oven housings.

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SUB-S603 Specifications

Electrical features
Voltage 220V 50/60Hz
Max current 12 Amps (220-240) 20 Amps (110-120)
Max power 800 W
Physical features
Machine dimensions (A x F x Al) 330 x 335 x 100 mm
Machine Weight 5,8 Kg
Colour Black