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Oven for sublimation in 3D for 2 cases / SUB-H202

Oven for sublimation in 3D for 2 cases / SUB-H202

The sublimation oven SUB-H202 is a machine for mass production of customized cases, which allows up to 2 cases sublimate at a time, including models like iPads, Tablets, Samsung Galaxy Note etc … Time and temperature is adjustable depending on materials, paper and inks that used, even the average estimated time is about 7 minutes / case.

Sublimet has developed a machine which allows the production of mixed models of cases, therefore 6 different types of cases can be made in each process cycle,. To ensure the maximum print quality, Sublimet advises the use of paper SUB-FD102

The heat that produced inside the oven, flows evenly, thus ensuring that all parts of the interior are at the same temperature. Through this process, the transfer of images to the cases is performed optimally.

The SUB-H202 is easy to operate, thanks to an intuitive digital panel.

SUB-H202 demo

SUB-H202 Specification

Production features
Maximum cases to make in one time 2
Mobile cases can be sublimate All except Ipad/iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Note
Cycle time 7 minutes
Electrical features
Voltage 220-240 50/60Hz 110-120 50/60Hz
Max current 12 Amps (220-240) 20 Amps (110-120)
Max power 1,8kW (intermittent)
Physical features
Machine dimensions (A x F x Al) 600 x 650 x 650 mm
Size of the motor 305 X 425 X 330 mm
Machine Weight 62 Kg