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Thermal press for sublimation cups

We offer our customers different types of machines for sublimation mug to suit all market needs and customers.

The pressure is done evenly and steady, leaving a finish with the best quality product.

Machine for sublimation 3D cups / SUB-T1001

The Machine for sublimation 3D cups / SUB-T1001 is a production machine for customized cups. This new model means the cups can be produced in just 180 seconds, perfect for establishments in which it is sought to offer an instant service.
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Press thermal for cups sublimation SUB-VT201 / SUB-VT202

The sublimation thermal plate for personalized cups is a machine ready to sublimate ceramic cups very easy way. The pressure regulation is made manually with the upper lever incorporates this. The adjustment of time and temperature is regulated with a built on the same machine timer. This is easy operation and configuration and is used in horizontal, a part of which takes up very little space. Their characteristics, size and price is ideal for those who are new to the world of customizing cups.
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