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Silicone clamps for sublimation

Silicone clamps sublimation Sublimet ensure that the paper is securely in the cup and the print is perfectly perform in the product to sublimate. They can be used to customize different products, such as ceramic cups, plastic or glass, glasses, jars, bottles, etc …

Sublimet offers different silicone clamps for sublimation of different products.

Available clamps for sublimation:

  • Silicone clamp for 3D sublimation
  • Silicone clamp sublimation Cups 6 oz
  • Silicone clamp sublimation bottles and flasks
  • Silicone clamp sublimation bowls
  • Silicone sheet for sublimation
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Silicone molds for sublimation
Silicone molds for sublimation