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Sublimation Ink

Our inks for 2D & 3D sublimation are ideal for printing on plastics and other raw materials which can be exposed to high temperatures. Sublimet inks can withstand up to 145ºC temperatures, ensuring, a perfect sublimation and offering an optimum saturation.

Sublimation inks available in our Shop Online

  • Sublimet (250ml. y 1L.)
  • Sublijet HD Virtuoso
  • Chromablast
  • Sublijet
  • Sublijet-E
  • Sublijet-E IQ Surecolor
  • Sublijet IQ Epson
  • Sublijet-E Surecolor
  • Sublijet for Ricoh
  • Artainium
  • Artainium for Epson
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250 ml Refillable Cartridges

We also supply refillable cartridges. With a capacity of 250ml funnel for use with Epson 7400/9400/7450/9450/7800/98007880/9880/4450/4880 with chip